//How to get Clients to your Restaurant

How to get Clients to your Restaurant



5 Tipps wie Du neue Gäste in Dein Restaurant bekommst

Promoting a business is an ongoing challenge for small businesses. Whether you’re just starting out or have been in business for years, these proven marketing strategies will help your business find new customers without spending a fortune.

1. Get Social

Find your new clients in social media like Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube or Instagram. To have one of these accounts is a must today.

Try to post some interesting information about your restaurant and pictures there. For instance, give the advice on how to serve or cook the meals, talk about your special offers, and these posts are likely to get more likes and shares.

2. Set up or Take a Fresh Look at your Website

Your website acts as a free advertising place for your business, so make sure it looks the best of it. Your site should be clear to navigate, with a lot of pictures that make a first impression about your restaurant. Having a blog is an additional low-cost way of engaging with existing clients, as well as attracting new ones. Make sure you update it regularly with relevant content, to keep your subscribers interested.

3. Create  your Branding

If you don’t have a proper branding like placing your logo on business stationery, it is necessary to create it as soon as possible. Your business cards, plates and napkins with logo will tell the clients that you take your business seriously. And thus you can get even more clients from your clients’ friends when your logo and your slogan work as a free ad. Include your main social media profile link, too.

4. Make Advertisements

Consider these methods for advertising your business:

  • Use storefront signs, billboards, marquee boards or street-side yard signs to promote your restaurant
  • Create online campaigns in social media
  • E-mail to your clients to greet them with some holidays or tell them more about your new specialty of the house.

5. Offer Contests and Freebies

People usually love free stuff. Offers like “get a free cup of coffee with lunch”, free magnets and calendars are good ideas to help the clients get more familiar with your restaurant. And this can work for quite extensive periods of time.

Set photo contests among the customers for they are really easy and enjoyable to use and may involve a huge amount of new clients.


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